fan blower motor resistor on 1999 Hyundai Sonata

can everyone tell me where is fan blower motor resistor located and approx how much, thanks

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It's usually behind your glovebox somewhere and it's not too expensive to put in. If you do it your self you can get the part for $40-60. Most shops would charge half and hour to an hour to install.
Thank for the information. I found it and replaced it. It took about a min. to relace after I took out the glove compartement.
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I just Bought One for my 2006 sonata.Its where the blower motor plugs into the resistor. its under the pass side below the glove box easy to get to. they are about 49.00 at the dealer
were is the blower motor resistor located on a cadillac sts 2000
I just want to know where it is. I got the glove compartment out and see the blower moter and all the plugs on a panel that is held on two screws but see nothing like a resistor. I even got the manual from the library and the pictures don't look the same' A 2000 camery ce. Anybody help me?
You big dummy, the "panel" with the plug IS THE RESISTOR.

Take the two screws out and unplug the connector. It will come out. The resistors are stuck in the blower motor housing so they can be cooled by the air that the blower motor moves. The resistors get HOT when you have it on anything but full blast or off.