fan blower motor on 1995 GMC Vandura 2500

how much to replace the fan motor...blower on the ac/heat of my van

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I have a 2002 - with A/C --- I replaced both the resistor and the blower motor in less than an hour - including removal of the OEM parts.

The after market resistor requires using an enclosed template to enlarge the hole the resistor mounts into....
because it's been redesigned and is bigger than the OE.

The aftermarket blower motor comes w/o the squirrel cage so you'll have to swap that over by pulling the c clip, pulling off the cage and slipping it onto the shaft of the new motor.

After market motor comes with two electrical leads instead of the plug-in that's on the OEM blower.
I cut the plug-in off my new resistor and crimped the wires into the leads coming from the blower.

paid 30.00 bucks for resistor and 50.00 bucks for blower motor.
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You should be able to find this estimate on RepairPal in the estimator: