2004 Chrysler Pacifica Q&A

2004 Chrysler Pacifica Question: fan blower

My fan will not turn off. It blows on high when the car is on, and the controls do not work to adjust the fan up and down. Heat and air conditioning work, but the fan won't stop blowing on high. -
Answer 1
I am not very familiar with Chrysler Pacifica but looking at a wiring diagram the blower motor receives power and ground straight from the front blower power module. It is obviously getting power or it would not work at all but the ground should vary giving it different speeds as required. There is also an "Automatic Temperature Control" in the circuit, a failure of either of these is likely to keep the blower operating at full speed but the circuit needs to be tested to figure out which or where the problem lay. -
Answer 2
blower motor resistor or module it ent out on my wifes car its around 65 dollars -
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