falure due to mass air flow on 2001 Buick LeSabre

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2001 lesabre dies intermitently will not start until code p0101 is erased changed mass air flow sensor no change what now?
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clearing the code does nothing
htere is a problem with the mass air flow system, not just the sensor but possible wiring or hose routing. it would be wise to let a shop examine it and tell you the issue and give you a bid.

I'm having the same problem I think, but on a 96 Buick century. It'll idle fine but cuts out and sets a code p0101 during acceleration at different speeds and throttle positions . The car will not start to prevent damage to the malfunctioning engine and sets the code. If any emissions related sensors were out a code would set after engine warms. Our culprit I believe is the catylitic converter. The computer detects an error in the air flow circuit you and i think that means an electrical circuit but a cicuit is a route even if it's not electrical. Air flow circuit is same as air flow route.Air goes in intake and out tailpipe along with gas made by burnt fuel. A clog in the exhaust will cause car to lack power and negatively alter the read-out of EGR and MAF as well as MAP. Have your Cat checked and let me know how it goes.