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Fair Oaks Chantilly Chrysler Jeep
December 09, 2010

On Tuesday, with(Barbara Fisk), I had the car diagnosed for $110.
I was told 2 hours labor at $110/hr and diagnostic fee would be waived, if they did the work. I was looking for specific plug and asked if I would only be charged labor if I brought in my own parts. She answered YES. So I got the parts and put half of them on myself.
On leaving I paid the diagnostic fee.

On Thursday I asked Barbara if she would still wave the diagnostic fee and she said YES. Then I explained that I had replaced half the plugs and wires myself so could she just charge me an hour for the other 3. (6 cylinder) She said YES.
I said great and they did the work.
When I get the bill it is for $110.00. She couldn't understand that I had paid the diagnostic fee from the previous day and that should be credited and applied to the 1 hour labor charges.
When we spoke with manager (Chris Morrison), he said 1 cylinder or 6, the price is the same. I explained to him that is not what she just promised me before the work was done. First he tried to tell me what she said when he wasn't even there. I explained again that she specifically told half the labor since i did half the plugs and wires myself. He didn't care one bit.
On leaving I (unhappily) paid for another $110.00
$220.00 for 3 plugs and wires

Update: General Manager refunded my money and very nice.

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