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1999 Plymouth Breeze Question: Failure of transaxle control module

The OEM has given a troubleshooting code PO731, Gear ration error in first gear. The ECM has detected that the transmission input RPM does not match the transmission output RPM under know conditions. Check other service codes first, TSS error, poor electrical connection and Interanl transmission fault. The SECOND code is PO700, Transaxle control system fault, ECM received a signal that the transzxle control module has a fault. Shorted or open circuit within transaxle, failure of transaxle control module. Okay, we took my car to a transmission auto repair shop, thier quote is the transmission needs to be replaced at a cost of $1,500. This car is not worth the repair cost. My question is, if you were in this situation, would you spend money on a transaxle control module and/or other parts or just junk it? I do not wish to put 1500. or so more on this car. I've had it for a year in a half and the car constantly has problems. Disgusted. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Mary -
Answer 1
First, you need a new Transmission Control Module (TCM), maybe a speed sensor or internal transmission issues. Donate the car to a worthy cause. -
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I recieved a code P0700. Signal that the transaxle control module has a fault. can this be repaired @ transmission shop ? -
Answer 2
It bs that u need a new tranny. If its da transaxle control module(tcm) like u said da car should run fine until it gets hot. Da tranny will feel like u r running on low gear. If this is ur problem da repair should run u around $400. 2 n change 4 da part n i dont c it costing more than a $100 for repairs. -