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Kia Sedona Noise or Vibration When AC Compressor is On

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A defective AC compressor clutch assembly can cause excessive noise or vibration when the air conditioning is on. Improved parts are available. Replacing the faulty clutch assembly does not necessitate replacement of the complete AC compressor or evacuation and recharging of the air conditioning system.

The A/C always sounded a bit funny - kind of a loud rattling sound. We took the van back to the dealer and asked about it, but they said everything was working fine and sent us home. Lo and behold, when we hit about 63k miles, the compressor stopped working altogether. It cost me $1300 to get it fixed and I will never buy another Kia again because of this. The compressor problem caused shrapnel -
Compressor went out after condenser and high pressure ac hose was replaced. Is there a recall or free repair for this issue? -
compressor clutch gradually became very noisy and then just stopped working altogether. -
Compressor will not engage, therefore no cold air. -
Noise when air conditioner compressor first engauges -
failure the ac comparessor clutch. body shop asking $300 to fix this. -
Noise at start up of AC...after some time, noise stops....comes from pulley assembly area on left side of engine -
We first noticed the infamous clunking/grinding noise at about 21000 miles. We took it to the dealership who diagnosed the problem as being a faulty AC clutch hub. They replaced it. The van ran great for about a 2 months and the noise came back along with a surging idle when the engine was cold and defrost was on. We took it back and they replaced the clutch hub assembly again and explained the surge as extra load caused by the faulty hub was causing the ECM to adjust the idle inappropriately. Not more than 2 weeks went by and the noise came back along with the idle surge. We took it back...again and this time the technician couldn't duplicate the problem. While driving home from the dealership I did notice that everything had magically smoothed out. (I suspect WD40 but can't prove it.) I called again and they want me to bring it in late in the afternoon so they can keep it overnight and start it cold. I told them not until they give me a loaner car and we are still fighting them on that. Meanwhile the surging has become worse and happens even when the AC and defrost are off. -
The A/C is not working. The drying and the compressor has been changed. The control panel has been change, but the a/c is still blowing hot air. -
Compressor was rattling and then I lost cool air and it was only blowing hot. The serviceman said the compressor was not working anymore? -
noisy noisy compressor clutch etc...upon starting engine. Once running, much less noise. -
AC compressor clutch works intermittently. Need to replace it. -
Ac compressor has always made noise now the third one is bad -
very noisy. not only this, but our air conditioning has failed 3 times since we've owned this car. twice resulting in loss of freon. my husband wonders if the compressor is over pressurizing resulting in failed system. -
The AC makes a rattle/banging noise when it runs and makes the engine run hotter. I have gone through three radiator replacements in a year. Still don't know why it is happening as no mechanic can figure it out. Anyone else had a similar issue. -
I took the Sedona but KIA service said it was not a problem. At 90,000 miles the air conditioner stopped working and I took it to a non-Kia authorized repair shop and they said don't waste money on a repair. -
It was at first noisy and kind of shook the car. Now, the ac no longer works! So hot! Not good! Not fixed yet -
AC made noises when you first turned it on and intermittently would blow very cold then less cold and suddenly stopped blowing cold altogether. -
he A/C was blowing hot air and gave no prior warning by strange sounds, temperature, etc. When the mechanic said the clutch went out and he replaced it, we thought it was normal wear and tear for a ten-year old car. Not two months later while still in the desert summer heat, it was found to be the clutch not engaging again, and it was replaced while under warranty from the last repair. Six months later the hot air was blowing again and the same shop said all the coolant had leaked out but they couldn't locate the leak before recharging the system. They advised me to come back in a couple weeks to see if the dye they put in it would indicate where the coolant was leaking. Two weeks later and they couldn't find anything, but the A/C was working and the triple digits had arrived in the desert. Not one month later, after a gradual, inconsistent A/C performance, we again had to have the compressor clutch replaced - now in the last month of the original repair warranty a year ago and recharged. Our very decent mechanic says he still doesn't know why the clutch isn't engaging. I drive home and start hearing sounds like liquid in the A/C vents(?) and noticed two indicator light on my dash - the brake and charging system lights! 'Calling mechanic in a.m....neither of those lights have been on before and according to the owner's manual, the reasons mean they shouldn't be on now. -
Excessive noise and vibration when setting idle. -
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