Kia Spectra Problem Report

Kia Spectra Noise or Vibration When AC Compressor is On

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A defective AC compressor clutch assembly can cause excessive noise or vibration when the air conditioning is on. Improved parts are available. Replacing the faulty clutch assembly does not necessitate replacement of the complete AC compressor or evacuation and recharging of the air conditioning system.

When I started the engine, I heard a God-awful noise, and the engine dragged down and stopped in a matter of a couple of seconds. This happened several times. If I turned the a/c off, the engine started and ran just fine. After testing this several times, the engine stayed running fine, but the a/c did not cool even though the the indicator light on the knob indicated it was running; no cooling at all. I also smelled the burning rubber smell like a fan belt being forced over the pully that is not turning. This leads me to believe that the clutch was not engaging the compressor. Does this sound like a faulty a/c clutch assembly? By the way, the a/c worked fine the previous time I had driven the car. -
Compressor or clutch is out on my 2008 spectra. Car runs fine until I press the A/C button then the belt screams and the engen shuts down. Bull dog KIA Athens wants $1116.37 to replace the A/C Compressor. I Can't believe that at 64,000 this isn't a recall. -
Same issue...several new belts...I was ready to replace the A/C compressor, but now will see if the clutch assembly will solve the problem. Merchants Auto refused to work on it after the third belt. -
my air conditioning turns on by its self and it wont come back on for a month or so then starts working again. and it makes a awfull noise -
ac will not turn on only blows heat. I have not fixed it as of yet I am trying to locate the issue first. -
This has been going on for some time and now it's comepletely out. -
Began with a burning smell, then the clutch of the A/C (I presume) started squealing every time I turn the A/C/ on or the defrost in the winter. At low RPM (idling primarily) engine will completely stall. Hopefully I can replace just the clutch and not have to bleed the entire coolant line and replace everything. Doing more research now. -
My AC Compressor sequels anytime the the AC is on, it will do it for up to 3 minutes initially (or so) and then periodically once a for 3 seconds every 5 minutes or so. Will do the same thing when the Defroster is on. I am sure its the clutch, but I am not finding part numbers to replace the clutch. So it will be a whole compressor replacement. I guess unless I find something different before I can afford to do that job. (bearings?) -
noise from the area of the compressor / pulley / clutch for the air conditioning. belt finally broke. looking for advice about replacement of the clutch / pulley or the entire ac compressor. good this blog says not necessary to replace compressor, but the clutch/pulley is no piece of cake -
Ac kills car when turned on. Belts screech loudly first. -
makes a racket, not sure what to replace. -
I think my compressor clutch has went out. The car screams at me when i turn on the A/C. Recently i have been smelling the hoses burning up. I checked the Compressor and when the A/C is engaged the pulley will spin intermittenly. When the compressor stops turn while the A/C is engaged sometime the whole pulley stops turning which is why i am smelling burnt rubber. -
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