Dodge Stratus Problem Report

Dodge Stratus Engine Misfire Due to Oil in Spark Plug Tubes

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Spark plug tube seals fail, causing the tubes to fill with engine oil and the engine to misfire. As a result, the engine may run poorly and fuel economy can suffer.

i have oil in the place where my spark plugs go what can i do? -
found the same when changing my plug and wires from ruff idling at stops. -
oil was on the bottom of my plugs...Auto zone has them cheap if you get the valve cover gasket kit it all comes together as one!! -
Have encountered MULTIPLE problems. Have replaced ignition coil module twice, EGR, MAP sensor, camshaft sensor, valve cover gaskets, oil cap, gas cap, fuel pump and filter, dashboard "motherboard" (to correct problem with losing digital readout and tach resulting from Dodge's not soldering two resistors correctly), spark plug wires, vacuum lines, heater and antifreeze hoses, spark plugs... (Do NOT use plugs other than those specified by affects the ignition coil)!!! I am still encountering more related to starting despite no check engine light and the vehicle passing emissions. It's not wanting to start immediately, but requires several attempts to do so. Frustrating!!! -
Oil in #2 and #3 spark plug tube. -
I was driving home from Boston an the car started miss firing -
Noticed oil in plug tube four. Rough idle now. -
I have changed my spark plugs and when i was doing this noticed oil in my 1st and 3rd cylinder now they are filled agian and the original stalling out and misfiring has been going on from day one cuasing my exhuast to explode continuosly i dont recommend these vehicles to anyones becuase i have replaced everything but the engine transmission and alternator and still have issues so i am not happy ive only owned it a year -
Spark plug tube seals failed (rock hard) covering plugs with oil. Fixed by replacing spark plug tube seals. -
Idle is jumpy an oil all over spark plugs I bought it used I got screwed -
P300 engine code. Disconnected emissions stopped studdering.need assistance with what to. begin replacing. 1)Oxygen sensor, 2) purge valve replacing prior to p0300 code I had P0441 and P0440. 3) change plugs and wires. I do not have a mechanic that I trust that can assist me. -
changed out the plgs and seals, intake valve cover gasket. -
spark plug wires wet with oil and it is miss firing. -
Oil in Valve cover tubes. Leaking seals. Hard start and missfires Replaced plugs, seals, Runs great now -
oil in spark plug tubes. -
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