Dodge Neon Problem Report

Dodge Neon Engine Misfire Due to Oil in Spark Plug Tubes

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Spark plug tube seals fail, causing the tubes to fill with engine oil and the engine to misfire. As a result, the engine may run poorly and fuel economy can suffer.

my car has been smoking bad for about a month going through 8 quarts of oil throughout the week. and i mean they would go empty the other day my car started shaking really really bad and at a red light would act like it wanted to stall . i change the valve gasket and the spark plugs but the spark plus valve seals we cant get out Any ideas how to get them out seems they are dry rotted . I took it to pep boys and they did the check engine light scan and said it was a misfire on #2 i was told a tune up would help anyone else fix the problem yet ? how'd you do it . -
Check engine light came on, code reader gave number 1 misfire. Replaced spark plugs, but have not replaced seals yet. -
i change my plugs and push tube down -
Same problem w/ tube seals. Any solutions? -
I have the engine light on and poorly on driving -
Engine would hesitate..stutter, especially noticeable at stop lights or low idle conditions. Replacing spark plugs and found heavy oil on the plugs when I pulled them out, heavy dripping oil, on spark plugs 2,3 and 4. -
Cylinder miss fire -
my car isn't getting any spark any fire In it wont crank -
my car dose not leak -
spark plug tubes of filling up with oil in the car to misfire -
there is oil in my cylinder for the spark plug and its cousing a misfire. how do i fix it -
it had very bad pick up, checked spark plug and all but 1 was filled with oil, had to change the plugs and the seals. -
cycl misfire 4# -
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