Chrysler Cirrus Problem Report

Chrysler Cirrus Engine Misfire Due to Oil in Spark Plug Tubes

(16 reports)

The spark plug tube seals may fail, causing the tubes to fill with engine oil and the engine to misfire. As a result, the engine may run poorly and fuel economy can suffer.

oil is all over one of the plugs .... and the no.3 plug keeps popping out of the engine block -
Car just started misfire and see a small amount of oil in the plug wires. -
want start etc -
Not fixed yet -
Engine missing. Code reads cylinder #1 misfiring. Oil on spark plug tubes. -
not fix yet -
2 out of the 6 spark plugs (tested only front 3) were submerged in oil. -
spark tube seals leak, started at 100,000 -
#4 missfires -
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