Failed Radiator on 2002 GMC Sonoma

Anyone heard of a radiator in a GMC Sonoma going bad after 50,000 miles?

Asked by for the 2002 GMC Sonoma
yes all the time the coolant(dex cool) is hard on radiators and makes them leak at seams
Can I put a different antifreeze in the radiator beside the orange stuff?
yes but the system has to flushed completely b4 you use a diff coolant. if not it will cause major damage to mix coolants. i rec you stay with dex but change every 30 to 40k miles
I bought the truck with 30,000 miles and in 3 years put 20,000 more miles on but never changed the coolant. There was no indication that I could see that it need to be changed and the places I took to have work done never said the anti freeze was bad.
well maybe you need a new mech.
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