Honda Passport Problem Report

Honda Passport Automatic Transmission Fluid Leak

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On automatic transmissions the accumulator cover can leak due to failed o-rings. Replacing the o-rings and cover will address this issue.

Had the seal replaced. -
Transmision light go on and off -
Started leaking and accumulator cover was replaced, I then drove it out of town a week later and it started leaking again so much so that I had to leave my car 125 miles from home. Any help will be helpful. I don't know what to do since it is a closed transmission, being a female with not much money should I try to trade it in? -
Transmission fluid leaking from right side of transmission. Accumulator cover to be replaced. Leaks much worse when car is moving. -
I have not been able to find someone to fix the issue -
Transmission fluid had all leaked out and had to replace retransmission -
Leak in the accumalator. Parts are cheap, labor sucks -
o-ring replaced -
trans fluid leaks from accumulator -
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