Failed Motor Vehicle Inspection on 2006 Chevrolet Equinox

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Diagnostic Code P0171 (Lean Fuel Problem) was identified during motor vehicle inspection. Mileage on vehicle 174,000 miles. Sometimes hesitates/misfires during exceleration when engine is at operating temperature. Seems to run fine at higher speeds. Idles fine. Hard to start when engine is hot. Must press excelerator sometimes to start. Never had any previous problems otherwise. Tune up at 100,000 miles. Problem began around 150,000 mile point. Check engine light would "flicker" and then go out on exceleration when misfire/hesitation occurred. Need suggestions as to problem and/or repairs.
(1) Answer
Check out this article. There is a whole bunch of information on the PO171 code, what it means, and what you should check. Sounds like all of your problems are mentioned in this as well. Hope this helps!