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Nissan Sentra Failed Mass Air Flow Sensor May Cause Driveability Issues

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The mass air flow (MAF) sensor can fail, causing various drivability problems. Our technicians remind us that proper diagnoses should be performed to confirm the cause of any driveability concerns.

Rough Idle, stalls when coming to stop, hesitation while accelerating. -
Car shuts off while driving any where. -
Would stall at stop or low speeds -
Same problem that has plagued virtually everyone else who has owned one of these: a bad MAF. 5:05 PM I am curious why everyone states to use an OEM MAF rather than aftermarket? I have spent the better part of the day reading about this model and the thousands of complaints that have been lodged about the OEM MAF. Seems like Nissan has had a problem with them since day one, and that they have had a higher than normal failure rate (some failing after just a few hundred miles). So unless they (Nissan) have changed something, I don't see what the advantage is of buying another one of their high-priced OEM's for this? It just doesn't make sense. It appears as though the OEM MAF has plagued these cars since their inception. So unless Nissan has actually changed them so that they work better, why not buy aftermarket for a mere fraction of the price? I have seen some aftermarket ones by certain manufacturers that have pretty good reviews. I can buy as many as 8 aftermarkets for the price of 1 OEM. So has Nissan finally fixed something with their MAF's, or are they still just selling the same junk MAF that's been driving everyone nuts??? -
I had my mass air flow sensor replaced in april, i was now having the same exact problems again 8 months later, come to find out they said when they replaced my mass air flow sensor the last time that it would not connect into my car so they rewired it and now the wires are fried so they are trying to tell me i have to buy a whole new wiring harness for 1000 bucks, i am a single mom and do not have that kind of money. -
Car hesitates or jerks in wet snowy conditions -
The engine power droped and will slow down and stall. No pick up. Replaced Mass Air Flow meter and sensor. Occurred second time at 129000 miles amrked replaced again. -
Stalling when idling at a red light or just after starting my car (the cold seems to effect it). -
Today I am having this issue repaired for the second time in the last couple years! -
Sometimes while my AC is on and I am either idling or close to idling, my engine begins to flutter.. so I either turn off the AC or take my foot off the brake a little to keep the car moving. -
Mass Air Flow sensor faulty but at the same time my air ratio sensor (O2) went. Service manager says that it's likely that the Mass Air Flow Sensor was causing excessive exhaust heat which in turn probably burned out the Air Ratio Sensor (02). So the check engine light appears at time the car is turned on or when it is warm and is idling (parked or stopped in traffic). When this check engine light comes on it is followed by the traction control light coming on and the hesitation when accelerating. You should observe that the exhaust smoke with smell rich and look dark in colour as the car will likely be running rich. When fixing this issue, be prepared for misdiagnosis by the mechanics. If one day you notice some rough idling I would suggest you have the Mass Air Flow sensor looked at right away as this might cause more issues later. The bill for the Mass Air Flow Sensor was $350 for the part, Air Ratio Sensor (O2) was $450. If they haven't improved the engineering on the Mass Air Flow sensor and it has been replaced like for like, you can expect to replace it again in the future. There really should be a factory recall on this part. Until which time, I wouldn't hold on to the car - sell it to avoid these sorts of issues reappearing. Good luck!!! -
The car seems like its going to stall an smells like rotten eggs .could it be the mass air flow check engine lites on replaced a year an half ago,that code is comeing up -
Hesitates and won't let me accelerate pass 20mph -
Check engine light went on, took it to the dealership, they said it was the sensor. How could it go bad so soon? Not the first problem with this car! -
My car sometimes will not start like it not getting enough gas to the fuel pump. I have try to start it around five times to it actually start up. -
Happened about 15K miles ago, and I replaced it. I'll clean this one out, replace the air filter, and hope it works! -
Stalls frequently when coming to a stop, sometimes just slowing down to turn a corner. -
My car is idling high shuting off, and it runs rough -
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