Failed inspection in New Jersey Motor Vehicles on 2002 Volvo C70

y Volvo failed inspection 4 times.The first time the "check engine light" was on.The mechanic fixed the problem, told me to drive the car 200 hundred miles and return to inspect it. I did that and failed again, was told that computer not ready.The mechanic told to drive the car 500oblem? Is there any solution to this pr hundred miles.I have driven the car more than 2000 miles and keeps failing thr inspection due to computer not ready.

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Not sure about your Volvo but some Volvos are so difficult to get to pass a "drive cycle" for smog test purposes that the State of California exempt them from having to have the monitors passed. Call your state smog test people or Volvo dealership.
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you need a tech to perform a drive cycle. it costs but he knows how to drive the vehicle to set the monitors. very specific way to drive the car to set the moitors.