FAILED INSPECTION on 1997 Mazda Protege

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Somebody please help. The car failed inspection with a PO500 code and I am wondering if I can do the work myself. Thank you. You guys or gals are great.
(1) Answer
P0500 - Vehicle Speed Sensor Circuit Malfunction

Essentially your PCM lost signal from the VSS (vehicle speed sensor) and set the light. Have you had problems with your speedometer as well? You'll want to check the wires and connectors to the sensor to make sure they are in good condition. Make sure the connectors do not have spread terminals or corrosion. You'll want to be sure it's tested before replacing because the speed sensor costs about 150-200

If you don't have a volt-ohm meter (multimeter), you'll probably want to get some help with this. I don't know about New Jersey but in California, not only can there be no codes in memory, the readiness monitors need to be cleared. This makes it so someone can't just clear a code and rush to the smog station for inspection. hope this helps