Oldsmobile Intrigue Problem Report

Oldsmobile Intrigue Engine Stall Or No Start Condition

(19 reports)

The fuel pump may fail causing engine to stall and not restart.

my car keeps stalling out of nowhere sometimes it starts right back up sometimes it taks a couple of tries....... -
While driving my 98 oldsmobile intrigue suddenly the engine talled/died, I could not control it, it was almost impossible to steer it to the side of the street and the breaks were not responding so well. The Service Engine Light came up just before, it felt like I ran out of gas, but it was almost full.. WTF???????? -
I had overheating issues last month..ended up changing hose, new water pump , new radiator and so on. Finally got problem fixed and 2days later. started having car stalling issues. It dies while on fwy or street very annoying and dangerous! And it takes a while before i can start the car up again ..i tried fuel injector cleaner and couple pf days ago tried sea foam motor treatment.. hope gets better soon -
Car just died and won't stay running I can't hear fuel pump kick on! -
Car kept stalling The fuel pump was replaced -
Gas gauge constantly reads full. Then car stalling and having start issues randomly. Suggested fuel pump & sensor by mechanic. -
Same As Above Except My engine light has been on a couple weeks and recently had the defective upper/lower manifold gaskets replaced due to a hole and leaking coolant. -
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