Pontiac Grand Prix Problem Report

Pontiac Grand Prix Engine Stall Or No Start Condition

(48 reports)

The fuel pump may fail causing engine to stall and not restart.

Driving 70mph...suddenly car seems like it is not getting fuel. Every time I touch the gas pedal it slows down more. Coasted to stop, engine died. Will restart but, only for a seconds. Throwing MAP sensor code. -
at first the car would have trouble starting now it won't start at all -
Would stall for no reason, could be a day a few hours before it stalls. Changed the fuel filter and recieved a complete tune up, the car drives better but still stalls a takes a while to start up. -
fuel pump needs replacing how much will it cost me? -
I think my engine is a 3.8 liter V6... Anyway there was a mystery stall problem while drinving through the mountains of Penn on the way to NYC a chevy dealer ran a diagnosis could not find anything but replaced the fuel sensor... This worked for about 100 miles when it stalled again and a few times more before it made it to NYC... No codes thrown... The car finally died on 8th avenue and 30th street in Manhattan.. It was towed to a garage the fuel pump and fuel filter were replaced.. Now the car runs fine... -
car doesn't start (quite often) the first time. I have to restart it. I give it a little gas when it seems like its not going to start. I was told not to do that. I was to hold key a tad longer. -
My security light flashing. car will start and run for 3 -4 seconds then die. Tried another key, car starts will run great. Car dies going down the highway and then it will restart. -
fuel pump fuse was blown. replaced fuse. still operating normally. -
Fuel pump failed. cost $700 to replace -
my car will stall somtimes while i am driving it -
Traveling at 70 mph and car cuts off no warning or cel lights, car will not crank and also does it while warming in the am. -
The fuel pump was bad and I bought a new one at a junk yard for $37.50. It was easy to change myself because you DO NOT need to drop the fuel tank. It can be accessed through the backseat center counsel that goes into the trunk. Just open that up and lift the trunk carpet. The access plate can be removed and it is right there. Google it and you will see a lot of YouTube videos showing you how to do in yourself. -
Car was stalling out , even while driving down the road, which was dangerous and scary. For a while it would restart right away. About two weeks after the stalling started the car stalled while driving , managed to get off the road and it would not restart. The Mass Air Flow sensor , Camshaft and crankshaft position sensor -
I ran out of gas and my car isn't getting the gas dose this car have a fuel rest button -
My car just decided it was not going to start. It had been running great. I shut it off and went to start it again and no fuel. I still am not able to get it repaired. -
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