Chevrolet Monte Carlo Problem Report

Chevrolet Monte Carlo Engine Stall Or No Start Condition

(23 reports)

The fuel pump may fail causing engine to stall and not restart.

engine stutters , then stalls but starts back up other times wont start replaced fuel filter still does it smells of gas bad -
My fuel pump went out on me a while back got one from the junkyard for $25 bucks and had it put on for $80. Shop wanted $800. -
battery light comes on and car is dead, replace fuel pump -
Fuel pump went out won't start -
Had been spurting in reverse right after starti ng for a few weeks other than that ran fine stopped for gas and wouldnt start .fuel pump went out 240 parts 145 labor -
Driving home from work, car left me stranded. Fuel pump went out. -
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