failed emiss's sensors replaced engine lite on codes P0171 P0300,0301,0303,0304 on 2001 Toyota Camry

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just bought used 129Kmiles for daughter, dealer replaced sensors, then engine light on, he took to his mechanic who said he fixed all the fuel air ratio had it all day tested w his machine, now engine light on and took to Autozone today, pulled up many codes, car drives well but think we should return to used car dealer, we don't know what to do but can't put more into this car, just registered it and replaced belts and bought it a month ago
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you havea lean code bank 1 and po300,po301 po303 and po304 are all misfire codes in cyl 1,3,4 poss vac leak return and ask questions.poss vac leak at intake manifold
thank you for your help. we are returning the car to the used dealer. He will pay us back. the mechanci he used he's not happy with as he has charged him plenty for not fixing the problem.
this car will not pass emissions so I want it off our hands. Too many prior owners (6) should have been a red flag. Some guy traded it for an older cheaper BMW and used a lame story to dealer that he broke up w his GF and didn't want to be reminded of her so he got rid of it. yeah right. now we know.
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