2005 Ford Freestyle Q&A

2005 Ford Freestyle Question: fail safe mode

When backing up, car surges, rpm's go up, and "fail safe mode" is displayed. Can also happen when stopped at stop sign, but mostly in reverse. If you turn the car off, car returns to normal. -
Answer 1
throttle body needs to be replaced. This is a known safety issue and Ford will not recall. -
Comment 1
I'm having the same problem. Almost rear ended a car in a drive-thru bc it was surging uncontrollably. I've filed a complaint with NTHSA.org you should do the same. -
Comment 2
No, don't get the throttle body replaced! Pay a few bucks for a bottle of Gumout Fuel System cleaner and fill up with 89 octane. That did the trick for me. The dealership, though, will tell you that the throttle body needs to be replaced. They're making a lot of money on this one! -
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