external fuel filter on 2006 Chrysler Town & Country

Is there an external fuel filter? and where is it? My wagon stoped and will start, I replace the fuel pump and strainer in the tank and it ran for a few minutes and shut off and wont start again, I am getting a P0171 Code, I dont know hot to check fuel pressure, any help is appriciated, thank you

by in Whittier, CA on December 24, 2010
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ANSWER by , December 28, 2010
There is an external fuel filter, if equipped is located on top of the fuel tank. Some models did not have an external fuel filter To test Fuel Pressure, .Raise vehicle on hoist, and disconnect the fuel pressure line at the fuel pump module. Install special 5/16 fuel line adapter tool #6539 between the disconnected fuel line and the fuel pump module. Turn the ignition on. With the DRBIIIt, actuate the ASD Fuel System test and observe the fuel pressure gauge NOTE: Fuel pressure specification is 400 KPa +/- 34 KPa (58 psi +/- 5 psi). P0171-FUEL SYSTEM 1/1 LEAN When Monitored: With the engine running in closed loop mode, the ambient/battery temperature above 20°F(-7C) and altitude below 8500 ft. Set Condition: If the PCM multiplies short term compensation by long term adaptive and a certain percentage is exceeded for two trips, a freeze frame is stored, the MIL illuminates and a trouble code is stored. POSSIBLE CAUSES GOOD TRIP EQUAL TO ZERO RESTRICTED FUEL SUPPLY LINE FUEL PUMP INLET STRAINER PLUGGED FUEL PUMP MODULE O2 SENSOR O2 SIGNAL CIRCUIT O2 RETURN CIRCUIT O2 SENSOR HEATER OPERATION THROTTLE POSITION SENSOR SWEEP MAP SENSOR OPERATION ECT SENSOR OPERATION ENGINE MECHANICAL PROBLEM FUEL CONTAMINATION/EXHAUST LEAK
COMMENT by , December 28, 2010
thank you for your answers, I could not find the external fuel filter, now the engine starts but when I step on the throttle the car hesitates like it needs more fuel but if I slowly step on the gas it is ok. I am going to buy the fuel line adapter and check the fuel volume and pressure. Thank you again