extended warranty on 2005 Toyota Sienna

m y car has 134000 mile and I was reading AAA and they rec. buying a warranty your thoughts thank yuo

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My thought's are no, no! Don't think it will ever pay for itself. My opinion only. Might be wrong! Do you buy extended warranties on say a tv or other componets like that? I relize it it a big difference but between that and a car but i am Just saying. If you owned a p.o.s. then that would be another matter, Toyota is a very reliable vehicle! If you do get a policy, READ the fine print!
If you decide to purchase an extended warranty be very careful to pick a dependable company, check online for reviews. I just got scammed, the contract said it covered the cooling system and when I took it to the repair shop almost 2 month after I bought the plan they said the fine print stated that the radiator wasn't covered. The contract stated that I could get a full refund within 60 days minus any claims paid if I requested it in writing so I sent an overnight letter, they called and told me because I had filed a claim that I wasn't entitled to a refund. The warranty company is TOCO warranties, they have filed bankruptcies a couple of times under different names because of lawsuits and now are using TOCO as a business name.
Buying a service contract is a very wise decision on any vehicle given today technology on cars. I would say be very careful when buy a policy. Make sure the are reputable company like Carchex(877-CARCHEX) Or EasyCare (800-538-4181) Make sure you read what is covered Such as Engine, Transmission,Electrical Components, Air Conditioning Front & rear etc.... Many People buy a service contract because they list more components but really don't apply to your specific vehicle. Once you've done your due diligence I would ask your Automotive Service Station which contract to buy prior to making your decision.