exhuast on 1995 Mazda MX-3

every time i start my car in the morning it smokes really bad for about five to ten minutes then it goes away and it barely smokes any more, plus it is burning oil really bad, i have to add about a half quart a day. can any one tell me what to do?

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You may have a worn-out engine. other lesser problems could be very badly leaking valve guide seals but I'm suspicious that you have stuck oil control rings on the pistons. I've been able to free up oil rings by pulling the plugs, pouring solvent (paint thinner) into the cylinders and letting sit for a day or two. Use an ounce or two in a cylinder, don't try to fill up the engine with solvent, too much. After letting it sit for a day or two, PUSH THE CAR OUTSIDE BECAUSE THE NEXT STEP IS SOMETHING YOU SHOULDN'T DO IN YOUR GARAGE. DISABLE THE IGNITION COIL BY DISCONNECTING THE POWER AND GROUND WIRES FROM IT AND ISOLATING THEM. COVER THE SPARKPLUG HOLES WITH RAGS to prevent spraying solvent and be absolutely sure there's no ignition source and crank the engine for a second or two to eject excess solvent from the cylinders. Change the oil and filter, reinstall the sparkplugs and start the engine and if the problem was stuck rings you may have fixed it. Maybe not, though, it may be time for an engine replacement or rebuild. But it's worth a try.