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2007 Lexus GS350 Question: Exhaust system

Just had 60k checkup although only had 55k miles on it. Nothing found. Now at 59k, found I need new catalytic converter, y pipe, and there is no after market parts yet. Was told by Lexus dealer warranty ran out at 50k. Looking at $3500.00 in costs? Any remedy with dealer or Lexus? Also had 05 GS, with 130k miles on it, and exhaust system never went out. Thanks. Tim Walker -
Answer 1
The emission warranty which covers the converter is 8 years or 80,000 miles - Federally mandated. -
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Thank you! And I sure hope that includes the Y pipe and everything after... -
Answer 2
well it is what it is parts wear out and they are all not covered for the 100k warranty, but should be covered by fed law to 70k -
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Thanks Greg, but I have issues with the parts is parts and they wear out. Understood normal wear and tear, but 59k miles? Can't agree with that one in lieu of Lexus/Toyota purporting that these are top of line, luxury vehicles, made to last. Thanks for your comment. -
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sorry i mean't that as they were ok at 50k but not 59k.lexus is a very nice car and normally last a long time but at times there are parts failure. i believe that if you called head quarters they would do something for you. sorry again i didn't mean it the way you took it -
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Understood and thank you sir. -
Answer 3
As suggested , if you have your manuals , read the one explaing 'warranties and I would suggest trying a different dealer.one that is up-front about warranty items , not one that assumes ignorance or laziness on the part of the consumer. Also just to note it , it looks like the driving habits of your two cars were a little different? only two years older but 70K more miles? -
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No ziptie, that was my bad 1995 Lexus, and 2007. -
Answer 4
Same thing with mine at 62,000 but entirely different result. I bought mine with 52,000 six months ago and my y pipe went the other day. My mechanic called and, credit where credit is due, Ira Lexus in Danvers, Ma told him right away it was a warranty item, simply call in the VIN # and they'd take care of it. I called it in and the service manager confirmed it's covered. That's a big # too. -