exhaust manifold on 2005 Dodge Durango

I too love my Dodge Durango. But, one year ago I had an exhaust manifold leak on the passenger side. Well, our service warranty covered that. Now, I have the same problem on the drivers side. I never gave it a thought or mentioned to my husband. When the first side needed fixed should they have fixed both sides at the same time since the broke the seal? Is there a chance I will have to go back in 1yr for the passenger side again?

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Exhaust leaks on these engines are quite a common occurance. To answer you question, No, the dealership will only fix the manifold that is leaking at the time. Warranty policies will not allow them to fix anything that is not "broken" at the time of repair. Many dealershiips are on Warranty restriction, meaning that all parts replaced must be sent back to Chrysler for evaluation. They may at there disgression deny a claim and the dealership will not be reimbursed for the repair or parts.