Exhaust losing power as accellerate. Smells like something burning on 1999 Ford Explorer

I have a 99 explorer 4X4 with 165000 on her.. recently, someone driving it backed up into something, and separated the tailpipe from the muffler.. this was three months ago, now a days,when i start it in this cold new england november, its having a hard time driving nywhere. It ses to be losing power, especially when headed up hill.. i also have a loid muffled noise coming from underneath somewhere but its not the noise i was getting when the tailpipe originlly seprted from the muffler.. theres a burning smell coming from the underneath too, but im not sure whats going on with her..

Could it be just the muffler causing all these issues?? Or does it seem to be more of a problem then i think??

Thanks for the time..

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Have an exhaust pressure test. Possible exhaust restriction, a muffler shop should be able to help you. Just a comment; I usually notice a smell of rotten eggs when a convertor is bad.
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Agree with#1 possible exhaust restriction. Also, have the cat. converter checked, that is probably what you are smelling.
Its like half rotton eggs, half "ok somethngs burning" type of smell.. i sure do appreciate the info though, thank you.. the sound isnt cat related, its more of a putter down the road as i accellerate.. but definitly a case of restriction, just have to find the source
If your knowledgeable remove the o2 sensor in exhaust between engine and convertor to see if it runs a little better. Will be loud but if you can tell a difference in response, probably the convertor, mufflers can act the same way if restricted. Can do same thing with downstream o2 to check that as well.
Puttering....sounds like a break in the flex pipe due to a restriction.
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