Excessive smoke comming from tailpipe. on 1991 Volvo 240

It started after my son put some oil in the engine. couple of days later he noticed heavy smoke coming from the tail pipe. Went to repair shop to get oil change and the smoke continued. Repair shop investigated and we were informed that the car needed a radiator, upper hose, and oil pan gasket. What is your take on this?

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Upper radiator hose, and oil pan gasket could have something to do with the smoke coming from the exhaust. If you are driving with low or no coolent and engine oil, you are doing damage to your engine every time you start it. or if the levels are being kept full and leaking on your exhaust system and the smoke is caused by burning off the exhaust and blowing out from under the car. If you have these problems you need to get them fixed but if the smoke is coming from inside the tail pipe you already have other more serious issues.
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And if your son put too much oil into the engine, the rings could be blowing oil through.. first things first.. what color is the smoke? Blue ish., oil, white and sweet smelling, antifreeze (head gasket), black- bad timing or bad ignition...