1995 Saab 9000 Q&A

1995 Saab 9000 Question: excessive cranking time for engine start

I have to crank engine 15 to 20 seconds (not always) especially after a long period parked before engine starts. -
Answer 1
Id would double check your fuel presure after it sits and see if it is bleeding down. Might have a faulty check valve in the fuel pump -
Answer 2
your fuel pump is bleading back into the tank you need to replace the pump to make sure this is the problem put a fuel pump tester on and turn on the car dont start just in run and check the preasure and see if there is leak back -
Answer 3
How to replace direct ignition cassette? -
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occasionally takes 8 to 15 seconds of cranking before engins starts. Installed new battery 3 weeks ago. This"fault" started over a year ago, it doesen't happen very often.