Ford Crown Victoria Problem Report

Ford Crown Victoria EVP Sensor Failure May Cause Drivability/Fuel Economy Issues

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The EGR valve position (EVP) sensor can fail on this vehicle. The EVP sensor measures the EGR valve position and transmits the date to the engine control computer. If it fails, drivability and fuel economy can suffer, the Check Engine Light will commonly illuminate.

I have a P-1409 OBD-2 code , have not fixed yet . As well as a # 2 Misfire , oil in #2 Spark Plug -
Took car to a test and repair garage, they told me I needed a new cat...3 months later garage finally repairs, maf, coil packs, but tell me I need to drive car to reset monitors, the car ran beautifully, but evaporated monitor wouldn't set. I put about 800 miles on it still not setting, then check engine light comes on car runs horrible, so immediately take it back to shop. The codes that came up were the exact codes that they cat, maf, coil packs, how could it be bad again so quick? I tell shop they misdiagnosed the problem, they tell me my car is old and needs to be retired...really 190,000 miles is not used I file a complaint with B.A.R., referee determined that they were fraudulent, referee gives me 2 year smog exempt, and I get my money back from shop, after this 6 month ordeal I'm back where I started from, and very, I'm stuck, I'm leaning towards a faulty ignition coil?..HELP ME PLEASE! -
It keeps going out a day after replacing -
check engine light illuminates, EGR error code -
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