everytime i press the brakes (moving or not)"R"(reverse)lights turn on-dashboard on 1991 Lexus LS400

like i said everytime i press the brakes light turn on and delay of stopping like a 1sec delay... i knw its the transmission but b4 i take it to the dealer or mechanic i just wanna knw what is the ecxact problem... thanks...

by in Anaheim, CA on May 16, 2012
2 answers
ANSWER by , May 17, 2012
Unless someone has experienced the exact same problem in the exact same manner then it will have to be diagnosed by a qualified tech. That's like saying before you go to a doctor with your ailment you want someone on the internet or phone to tell you what is your medical problem. Cannot see or test thru phone lines or internet.
ANSWER by , October 15, 2012
The wires at the trunk hinge on the driver side break and create this kind of problem: The R light and increase in RPM is one. Another one is the R light stays on and the car won't shift out of the first gear. All there is to do is Bridge the trunk wires with a wire that has needle on each ends to find which one are broken and replace them or bridge them with a second wire with a double wire lock connector. It is an easy repair, nothing to worry about. Avoid putting the car for that in a shop, because they could end up telling you that your brakes are worn or in the second and worth case that your transmission is bad. All this to prove that a PhD in Literature is not synonym with manual limitations.