everything quit on my car on 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse

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all my electronics quit working and if my windows were bein rolled up while i was tryin 2 get home the car would die and just roll until i quit rollin the windo up. i put a new fuel pump in and now my eledctronics work but it wont start up all the way. so would i need 2 get a new crank sensor or is it possible that my fuel pump may not be locked down all the way?
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Kind of not sure why the fuel pump is the cause of your electronics issue. If your car lost electrical power, you could have a battery, alternator, voltage regulator issue. If your car stalled and wouldn't restart, but cranks and has electrical power...well...your windows wouldn't fail.

Do you have power to crank? My best suggestion is to have a professional near you evaluate your car, because there seems to be a wild array of thoughts as to the failure. Good luck.