2002 Honda Accord Q&A

2002 Honda Accord Question: every how often to change spark plugs

when to change spaark plugs -
Answer 1
one hundred thousand miles Roy -
Answer 2
They are easy to change I would change them at 60,ooo miles although Honda say 105ooo miles. -
Answer 3
As of 1996, all newer vehicles have an OBD II onboard diagnostic system which will let you know when their life has dropped more then 50%. If your vehicle is having a hard time starting, bucking or chugging, it may be time to replace them. Otherwise, you should follow the maintenance schedule recommended by Honda or even earlier! -
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A routine inspection recommended all three. This has never been done, but the lights have not come on. Should the flush be done? Should I wait for the lights to come on indicating it's time?