ever thing else checks out, but no heat coming out of any of the vents on 1994 Chevrolet 1500 Pickup

have new thermostat,allhoses are hot in and out of heater core plus heater case under dash. just blows real cool air

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maybe your blend door is broken
Where is the blend door located on my truck and how would I go about replacing it. I was also told that it was the air duct accuator, where is that located and how is it replaced?
blend door is behind glove box under the dash new servo motor is about 40 bucks/ if its not switching to defrost vent floor ect. that one is under dash on drivers side next to ductwork but should be same motor
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Chevy vents are designed to be a perfect mouse house, they always build it near the heater blower and you have to weasel out the blower housing by prying up the unidash under the glove box, after removing the screws (make sure it is in the off position). I try to keep mice well-fed with d-con under the hood.