Volvo 850 Problem Report

Volvo 850 AC Not Cold Due To Evaporator leak

(13 reports)

The AC evaporator can develop a leak resulting in insufficient AC cooling. Our technicians recommend when replacing the evaporator, have a pollen filter kit installed to help with air quality in the cabin.

air conditioning wont work, recharging only lasts a few week. -
It's leaking, but I'm not going to fix it until next summer. - update - I traded in the car and never fixed it. Over 7 hours of labor + parts makes this a very expensive repair! -
I've had everything replaced on heat/AC but it still doesn't stay on. The blower motor, blower motor resistor, AC control head module, etc. -
The air condition blows warm air -
The freon leaks out after a few weeks. -
losing freon.... it slowly leaks out. I hear that repairing the evaporator is extremely expensive. -
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