Evaporation system problem on '05 Pontiac Vibe on 2005 Pontiac Vibe

My check engine light came on recently and my mechanic said it was a problem with the evaporation system so he replaced the vent cellinoid (sp?) and put on a new gas cap. The check engine light is back on again and I'm wondering if anyone has had the same problem and what the issue might be.

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The car needs to be scanned again to make sure what the issue is this time. It could be something else or another issue with the EVAP system.
Thanks. I plan to take it back to the mechanic tomorrow. I have noticed and continue to notice a slight smell when the heat is on, so I don't think the replaced vent selonoid addressed the issue.
Possibly not, just needs what you are planning. post results if anything else is needed.
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I'm having the same issue with my 2007 pontaic vibe. Did u figure out what it was?
Yes, they replaced the canister vent valve. I couldn't find it on this site but they charged me $289. The work was done last week and so far, so good.