EVAP vent solenoid circuit on 2002 Nissan Maxima

The check engine light has come on twice in my Maxima in the past 6 months. The car has 110,000 miles on it. The first time I took it to the dealership and the said it was EVAP vent solenoid circuit and fixed it. Now, it's happening again. Should this be happening so often?

by in Canton, MA on March 04, 2009
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ANSWER by , March 04, 2009
The vent control solenoid is mounted in the front area of the throttle body. It has an electrical connector and two vacuum hoses attached to it one has the evap system test port on it. It would test it by applying power and ground to the solenoid to see if it cycles open and closed. I think the code it gives when it fails is P0444. What is the code given when your Service Engine Soon light illuminates? Check to that no debris is stuck in the seat of the valve perhaps the charcoal canister is decaying and sending debris through the system.
COMMENT by , March 05, 2009
The code that has come up is PO447.
COMMENT by , March 05, 2009
P0447 is a code set for malfunction in the Evap Canister Control Vent Valve . The valve is naturally in the open position and is closed only to test the the system for leaks. The valve is located under the car on the charcoal canister and is exposed to water, snow, and salt on the roads. I know Lexus also had a problem with these valves being located under the car and exposed to moisture. Failure rates were much more common in your region than we see in California, Arizona, or New Mexico.
COMMENT by , June 29, 2011
Dear friend, I came across this site, and I found it interesting, But my vehicle is Camry2002, I also have a code PO446, indicated: (EVAP and Solenoid circuit condition). I do not know what they are. also my Family and I plan on making a long drive to visit relatives, m not sure can this car make it ? If friend can help me with this issue, please copy and paste the answer and email me at pts131@psu.edu because I am maybe not able to come back to this page again, it just came across here my chance... thank you all,
COMMENT by , November 18, 2011
I know this is two years later but I have a code on a maxima with the same issue. The code is 446
ANSWER by , June 29, 2011
Dear friend, you are having the same problem I do, I am working on this issue. So please if you have found out the solution, could you share with me ? I will also share with you if I find out something... thank you