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Infiniti QX4 Evap System Fault Due to Debris From a Failed Charcoal Canister

Infiniti QX4 Problem
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Model Years Affected: 1997, 1998

Average Mileage: 178,113 mi (123,000 mi - 239,000 mi)


Failure of the EVAP System charcoal canister may allow charcoal debris to infiltrate the EVAP system causing other failures. Cleaning the vapor lines to ensure the system is clear of debris is important when repairing EVAP system failures.

  • Visitor, , 156,000 mi

    Check engine light came on, code was P1447. Found that the vapor canister had released charcoal granules and the granules had traveled to the engine intake manifold. I have no way of knowing how much actually was allowed into the engine. Granules entered engine and go into the cylinders possibly scoring the pistons and cylinder walls. When the granules leave the engine by the exhaust I now worry they will stop up the catalytic converters.

    Pipes and tubing from canister to engine compartment must be cleaned as well as 2 valves in the engine compartment. Carbon granules were found packed in all of these parts. Almost 2 cups were removed. New canister alone is over $200

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  • Visitor, , 123,000 mi

    po446 code and lite that won't stay off.

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  • Visitor, , 239,000 mi

    Did not pass emissions test. Having part replaced.

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  • Visitor, , 150,683 mi

    I have the exact same issue. I was also informed that the sensor that attaches to this canister should be replaced because Infinity now offer an upgrade version on the older version. "not that was defective" as they put it "it just a better design now".

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