EVAP replacement on 2005 Nissan Pathfinder

Went to a dealer because my check engine light was on; $711.00 later, they had indicated my “vent control valve not sealing” and a “filter canister” were replaced. All was good until the next day when driving to work approx 20 miles and the light came on again and another visit to the dealer with a cost estimate for 453.82, now the EVAP canister are contaminated and the EVAP control system pressure sensor must be replaced. Am I an idiot to think that two small items such as these should not cost $1164.82 to purchase and install? Any thoughts?

by in Issaquah, WA on August 07, 2009
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ANSWER by on August 14, 2009
It may be that the labor to install these parts is the reason for the high price. It's not uncommon to have to remove the fuel tank to access these parts. The real problem here is that the mechanic didn't properly diagnose, repair and verify the repair the first time. They should have a good explanation as to why they didn't catch the other faulty parts the first time, also find out what diagnostic trouble codes were present the first and second times. I bet they are the same codes, which means the first repair attempt was a waste of your money. My feeling is that they are still guessing as to what the problem is and they are replacing the other parts in the evap system. I would have a serious heart to heart with the service manager and demand that another mechanic work on the car. If they have a shop foreman, make sure that person works on it. And I believe you are due a refund for the previous failed attempt to fix the problem. Good luck and sorry for ranting, but I've seen to many "parts replacer" mechanics who don't take the time to understand how to diagnose and repair these type of problems, they just throw parts at it.
ANSWER by on March 23, 2010
i think i was not the cost of the parts but the labor the dealerships are charging a lot for labor
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