Evap Failure Code P0442 on 2004 Hyundai Accent

Evap Failure Code P0442; We failed DEQ have a new gas cap, friend reset the code with a hand held checker and reset the code but after retesting it shows not ready. We drive the car all the time and according to Hyundai the drive cycle should be rady after a few days. We ran it down the hwy 60 for 20miles before the test. Not sure how the sys is suppoe to operate or I would fix it. A couple of solonoids shouldnt be too bad. Any one able to offer advice on how to check it out?

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First, Hyundai's are nearly impossible to complete a "drive cycle" on, unless you have the list of criteria necessary to complete it, and you have a dyno to run the vehicle on. I recommend having the drive cycle completed by a qualified educated technician.

Second - for P0442, a proper diagnosis needs to be performed. There is special smoke vapor equipment made to pin point problems in the evaporative emissions system. This system is not easy to diagnose and repair.

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