2005 Kia Sedona Q&A

2005 Kia Sedona Question: EVAP emission system canister closed

check engine light came on, took to have it checked, code P2422 showed on computer. what is this? the check engine light is still on. -
Answer 1
I think that the code may be a P0422 or P0442. I can find no P2422 code for a Kia like yours. You will need to have the Evaporative Emissions System inspected to trace down the cause of the fault code. I do this daily, because I do Emissions Diagnosis in California, which has an intense Emissions Inspection and repair program. here is a little about the EVAP system http://repairpal.com/evaporative-control-system -
Comment 1
thank you for the info. I will have it looked at immediately. funny thing was that I ended up putting higher grade gas in the tank and the light went off. -