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European Road and Racing
March 31, 2015

Well my rebuilt s52 only lasted 289 miles unsure emoticon Ladies and Gentlemen...Be careful when choosing your shop to build your motor. I informed this shop (European Road & Racing in Charleston SC) that the head had machine work and the block was decked. Turns out every piston was slapping the head! Number 6 piston failed and literally blew up. They did go over tolerances or check clearances which leaves me with a blown motor.

I tried my best to work with this shop to fix the problem but have only received a cold shoulder from what I thought was a "reputable shop". I now have a shop that wont fix the issue and a blown motor. They literally just bolted stuff down and gave it back to me. They told me they didnt measure anything. I didnt feel comfortable building this motor because of the knowledge to make sure of clearances etc..

Karl Troy @ European Road & Racing in Charleston SC has given me the cold shoulder and will not work with me. I am at loss of words and have a blown motor. He left me with a hack job and has no care to help out someone that is young with 3 kids.

Im only posting this to let other know to educate themselves and research your decision on the next shop you use.

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European Road and Racing
December 24, 2013

Karl just received a phone call from the owner of Bmw X5 client (Kinney's) they are very thankful for my referral to you and your amazing staff. As always we ALL appreciate your knowledge, honesty and last minute heroics for resolving the malfunction and returning fix vehicle so promptly back to them. Enabling them to return to Chicago in time for Christmas festivities. Thanks again Karl and Merry Christmas to your impressive staff and the entire Euroean Road Racing family.

Michael Moran

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