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February 20, 2012

I recently took my 93 Mitsubishi to EuroFix because it was running rough. After an hour I was told it needed a more thorough diagnostic. I called for a ride and left my car with them. The next day (24 hrs later) I had not heard from EuroFix so I called them. I was told my car needed a tune-up and they could do it for $840. I thought that was rather high so I went to pick my car up. When I arrived at EuroFix I was greeted with a bill for $153.04 for the diagnosis of "IT NEEDS A TUNE-UP". I paid the bill and vowed to never do business with them again.

P.S. I took my car to Firestone and they did the complete tune-up using the same parts EuroFix was going to use for only $240.

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November 19, 2009

Our Saab was running great when we brought it to Euro-fix for a noisy belt. After we waited 4 HOURS for them to complete their free inspection, they told us our fuel tank was cracked, that the car would never pass emissions, and it would be $1200.00 to repair. We said no thanks, and after about another 30 minutes they brought the car out. When we got in the car, it now smelled like gas fumes and THE CHECK ENGINE LIGHT WAS ON! It wasn't on when we brought the car in, so we stopped the car and went back into the office to discuss the issue. They said, yes gas fumes can enter the cabin and that light can come on when your fuel tank is cracked. They didn't seem a bit concerned about the fact that the light was NOT on and no fumes were in the cabin when we brought the car in. We wanted to exit gracefully, but when we tried to start our previously reliable car, it required several attempts just to get it started and kept stalling. We had to keep pulsing the accelerator to keep it running at stop lights just make the short trip home. Thankfully, we have a relative who is an Audi mechanic, who agreed to take a look at our car. He brought some tools over, pulled the engine codes that were causing the check engine light, and jumped on the internet. A few minutes later he was in the garage taking the car apart. About 10 minutes after that we were on our way to an auto parts store where I spent $10 on an epoxy fuel tank repair kit. On the way there he showed me the part he took off the top of our fuel tank. It was some type of sensor, that the auto parts store didn't carry. I asked him what was wrong with it, and he said it appeared that someone had unscrewed it from the top of the fuel tank, removed the O-Ring, and then put the part back on without the O-Ring, making it impossible for that part to seal back to the gas tank and work properly. When we got back home, he spent about 30 more minutes using the epoxy to seal around the sensor where the missing O-Ring was supposed to be, and then put the car back together. The car started right up, but still had a squeaky belt, which only required a squirt of WD-40. So with minimal tools, and in less than an hour and a half from the time I called him, our car was fixed for $10 and one spray of WD-40. That is $1,190 less than what Euro-BREAK wanted to charge us for a problem that we believe they purposely caused, a problem we did not have until we were foolish enough to fall for their free full inspection. Why is there shop set up so that it is impossible to see the cars being worked on? We will NEVER take a car to these crooks again.

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August 19, 2009

It may just be my experience, but every time I took either of our vehicles here(Saab/Volvo) for service more problems would occur or be "found" by their mechanics. Their per hour labor rate is the same as the Saab dealer in Nashville, and when I have gotten per job estimates the dealership has been cheaper every time. They claim to be Saab/Volvo experts, but during repairs when they've broken something, more than once they have tried to charge me for parts broken due to carelessness, saying "Yeah that can happen on a Saab/Volvo if you're not careful". Isn't that supposed to be the reason why I took my cars to them, because they're supposed to "know" about these cars. The last straw for me was two years ago when I took my Saab in for an oil change. After changing the oil, they informed me that "summer was around the corner" and that it appeared my A/C system needed to be repaired/replaced. I don't remember what JONATHAN quoted me to have it fixed but it was in the thousands. Since the A/C seemed to be working just fine, and due to my previous experience with Eurofix, a never ending cycle of dubious problems/repairs, I took the car to another shop to have the A/C checked out. The ONLY PROBLEM seemed to be that the other shop couldn't find a problem. Two years later the A/C still works just fine, and I've only needed oil changes. If you are planning on taking your Saab or Volvo here, I would suggest going elsewhere, you'll spend less and your car will run better.

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May 01, 2009

Tried to sale maintenance items that were not required as per Audi's service schedule. After picking up the car from the 5+ hour free estimate discovered that the driver's side floor mats were covered in grease from mechanics shoes. Not happy at all with this shop now.

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July 09, 2008

Good folks, honest and straightforward. Great indoor parking for your car. Fix many Euro makes (Saab) that others won't touch. Offer loaners and other services that can make it easy. The only negative is that sometimes they overpromise on completion times. Used to be cheaper than most, but now their pricing is leaning to the higher end of the scale.

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