Close on 1994 Dodge Ram Van B250

front left frame is rusted out and unsafe to drive.Can this be fix it?If not,where I can find a Body so I can swap all the mechanical parts(57000 miles and all in top shape) in a non rusted Body?
Thank you for your help

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The Front Crossmembers and Frame Rails can be replaced. You can buy a new frame rail from your local Dealership or purchase one from your local Auto Recyclers. In either case, you will have to have a reputable body shop cut out and replace the frame rail to keep proper alignment and using the proper welding techniques to ensure a strong bond.
Thank you for your suggestion.I have shown my van to several bodyshop and no one want to do the job.When I ask them why,they say it cost too much.How much? They refute to answer.At this point I do believe that the rust is extensive and they don't want to take the risk.All the body shop peoples that I have contacted have refused to do the job without any explanation other that cost too much.As you can see this is the reason why I was looking and still Am to find a van similar to mine without any rust and swap the all thing.With all the mechanical parts with 58761 miles,I think that is worth salvaging this van.
Thank you for your response.I do appreciate any help.