ETM Replacement on 2006 Volvo S60

Vovlo has fianlly replaced my ETM after many visits and fees to replace MAF, clean throttle body, etc. BUT the car is still having the same issues:
- RPM's fluctuate on idle, almost stall
- RPM's drop when coating around 40mph
- engine is "rough", can feel the vibration of the engone throughout the car.

What else can it be? How do i confirm the ETM was indeed replaced??

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It sounds like your ETM was not calibrated correctly or the real cause of your problem has yet to be properly diagnosed. I would take it back to the shop ( dealer?) and demand it be properly diagnosed and repaired once and for all or mention that you will take this matter to court. You are getting the run around !!!
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look at your oil trap,,it is a cause for all the above problems..just pull yourdipstick ..if u c smoke and blowby..sluge..well,thats your problem..