2006 Volvo S60 Q&A

2006 Volvo S60 Question: ETM Replacement

Vovlo has fianlly replaced my ETM after many visits and fees to replace MAF, clean throttle body, etc. BUT the car is still having the same issues: - RPM's fluctuate on idle, almost stall - RPM's drop when coating around 40mph - engine is "rough", can feel the vibration of the engone throughout the car. What else can it be? How do i confirm the ETM was indeed replaced?? -
Answer 1
It sounds like your ETM was not calibrated correctly or the real cause of your problem has yet to be properly diagnosed. I would take it back to the shop ( dealer?) and demand it be properly diagnosed and repaired once and for all or mention that you will take this matter to court. You are getting the run around !!! -
Answer 2
look at your oil trap,,it is a cause for all the above problems..just pull yourdipstick ..if u c smoke and blowby..sluge..well,thats your problem.. -
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