Toyota Celica All-Trac CV Joint Boot Replacement Cost.

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The average cost for a CV Joint Boot Replacement is between $306 and $564. Labor costs are estimated between $184 and $289 while parts are priced between $122 and $275. Estimate does not include taxes and fees.

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Common Symptoms

Due to high labor costs, it may be economical to replace the entire axle rather than just the CV boot. Ask for the parts and labor costs for both repairs before deciding.

Best Practices

We recommend replacing both CV boot covers on the CV half shaft to save on repeat labor charges if the second boot cover were to fail.

A CV joint can be damaged as a result of the loss of grease due to a damaged boot. If the CV joint is "clicking" while the vehicle is turning, the CV joint and/or axle should be replaced.

Common Misdiagnoses

After the repair, if there are any "clicking" sounds when making turns, return to the shop to have them further address the problem. It's likely that the CV joint needs to be replaced.

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