Air Pump Replacement

Ford Mustang LX Air Pump Replacement Cost

The average cost for a Ford Mustang LX Air Pump Replacement is between $201 and $300. Labor costs are estimated between $70 and $89 while parts are priced between $131 and $211. Estimate does not include taxes and fees.
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How Much Does an Air Pump Replacement Cost?

Air Pump Replacement Service and Cost

Air Pump Replacement
What is an air pump?

The air pump provides fresh air to various locations in the exhaust system, which helps complete the combustion of harmful exhaust gases.

How does the air pump work?

The air pump can be an electrically operated or belt driven pump. The pump sends fresh air to various locations of the exhaust system via an assortment of pipes, hoses, and valves.

What are the symptoms related to a bad air pump?

When the air pump is malfunctioning, the vehicle may perform normally. However, it may fail an emissions inspection and the Check Engine Light may illuminate with a code set for the secondary air injection system. An abnormal noise may be noted from a failing air pump.

Can I drive with an air pump problem?

In most cases you should be able to drive a vehicle with an air pump concern. The exception would be a belt driven pump that will no longer turn, this will cause the belt to overheat and break, potentially knocking the other belts off when it breaks. If a belt driven air pump is excessively noise, the vehicle should not be driven. Chances are a noisy pump will stop turning sooner that later, leading to a broken belt.

How often do air pumps need to be replaced?

Under normal conditions and vehicle life, you should not expect to replace an Air Pump. If an air pump has been damaged by water intrusion the cause of the problem must be corrected prior to replacing the pump. A revised intake tube and or baffle may be available. If not, make sure any the vehicle was originally equipped with are properly installed.

Air Pump Replacement Repair Information

How are air pump issues diagnosed?

Illumination of the check engine light would lead to retrieval of a fault code indicating a problem with the Secondary Air Pump. An abnormal noise from the pump would also indicate a problem.

How is an air pump replaced?

Once the belt is removed or the electrical connector is disconnected, the pump is unbolted from its mount and the new pump is installed. If the pump is belt driven, the belt will then be installed and adjusted as necessary (replace the belt if an inspection deems it necessary). With an electric pump, the electrical connector should be checked for any damage and repaired as necessary prior to reconnecting it.

RepairPal Recommendations for air pump issues

Excessive noise from the air pump indicates a problem that should be addressed. If a pump is damaged due to water intrusion determine the case and correct it. A service bulletin search could turn up a revised intake hose and/or baffle. When replacing an electric Air Pump always check the electrical connector for heat damage and repair or replace it as necessary.

What to look out for when dealing with air pump issues

An Air Pump can be damaged by water intrusion. When replacing a pump with this type of failure it is critical that all of the correct inlet hoses and baffles(s) are in place. A service bulletin search should be performed to check to see if revised parts of the Air Pump intake are available. High current flow can damage the connector of an electric Air Pump. When replacing the pump the electrical connector should be checked for heat damage and repaired as necessary.

Can I replace the air pump myself?

Repairing your own car is an extremely rewarding process that can also save you money. But before you dive in, it’s important to be sure the issue has been properly diagnosed. Seemingly obvious symptoms can lead the inexperienced down a rabbit hole of replacing parts that don’t fix the problem. Proper diagnosis can save more money than guessing at what’s broken! If you're unsure you have the right tools or experience to diagnose a problem, consider reaching out to a RepairPal Certified Shop. Take note of any components that would need to be removed to replace the air pump. Make sure you have the tools and knowledge to remove and properly replace all that are required. Be prepared to check the entire Secondary Air Injection System for proper operation after replacing the pump. Special care should be taken to be sure all intake hoses and /or baffles are in place and on electric pump, the electrical connector is sound.

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