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Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Replacement Cost




$118 to $165
National Average
Estimate includes:


Parts (excludes tax & fees)


Best Practices
  • When replacing the engine coolant temperature sensor, always use a factory part, clean all the connections, and ensure that the entire cooling system is in good working order with fresh, clean coolant.

Common Symptoms
  • When the engine coolant temperature sensor is defective, the vehicle may be hard to start and/or get poor fuel economy. Also, a defective coolant sensor will not signal the power train control module (PCM) to operate the cooling fans, which may cause the vehicle to overheat.

  • The Check Engine Light may illuminate with a fault code set for the engine coolant temperature sensor.

Common Misdiagnoses
  • An engine coolant temperature sensor code is not always caused by a defective sensor. It can be triggered by a defective thermostat, defective wiring, rusty coolant, or by a plugged or restricted radiator.

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