Drive Axle Assembly Leak Inspection Cost for Dodge Ram Wagon B250

Brake Fluid Replacement/Flush Estimate (National Average)

Validated estimate range for national average.

The average cost for a Brake Fluid Replacement/Flush is between $92 and $115. Labor costs are estimated between $79 and $100 while parts are priced between $13 and $15. Get a personalized estimate based on your location and specific car. Estimate does not include taxes and fees.

Parts & Labor Breakdown
Labor: $79 - $100
Parts: $13 - $15
Estimate does not include taxes and fees.
Best Practices

Brake fluid should be replaced if the fluid is dirty or if the brake system shows any evidence of rust or corrosion.

Brake fluid absorbs moisture and loses its effectiveness over time. We recommend Nissan 370Z brake fluid be replaced every two years as preventative maintenance.

We recommend having the brake hydraulic system flushed any time a component in the hydraulic system is replaced or if the hydraulic system is opened.

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